Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, its the day after (Thanksgiving) & we are I am sure everyone else is as well.
We are watching the Iron Bowl, Austin is helping Samuel do his wiggle dance, Grayson is keeping score, Baxter playing at the pool table, grandmother, Barbara, Jeremy, David & Michael are eating & Nadine is in serious Bama mode. Huff has crawled up by Grandmother now. Its just a great feeling here....lots of love, food & football. Hey what's better than that?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well, we did the lighting of the trees in downtown Fairhope the other was a rush to get there & then.....a l-o-n-g wait to see Mrs. Claus.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

We are really looking forward to slowing down & getting to spend time with all the family at Thanksgiving. Baxter & Huff absolutely adore their older 1st cousins. I think....what great role models, b/c they are really great kids. Already the boys are playing soccer like 2 of the older cousins do.

These photos were taken at a soccer tournament last year. 10/08

This is Sara Kate & Anna! Cutie Pies! Also, wonderful cousins of the boys....they live in Memphis. The boys really enjoy the girls...haven't spent as much time with them as the older boy cousins BUT I do see more time together in the future. Nashville, HAS to be a destination very soon to see Lucy! I really need to met her...this is technically my 2nd cousin but we say niece....well, b/c her mama & I are onlys. Her big brother Isaac & Gabe are getting so big I 've to got visit them & the Lance & Jason. I mean, how do people keep up with everyone in their families! my word. How do people do this? I suppose plan small trips to visit...right?

Well, let's see we've made it this far through the weekend while spending no money amazing!
It's actually become somewhat of a fun game for me. Jeremy said last night, "Let's have fish tacos"...I quickly remined him that we don't have those ingrediants & can make about 4-5 other meals without buying anything. Don't get me wrong....he makes some MEAN fish tacos...really. But it's just fun to say no & use what you have & pick some stuff out of the garden. Garden is dwindling at this point....bell peps, anchos, jalopenos, cucumbers, green beans, eggplant & couple of lettuce types is all we have left going ...hmmm, that actually sounds pretty good?
I DO KNOW we use to jump at the thought of going to the grocery to get dinner alomst every other night or order dinner, out to that adds up! Can I tell yall ~ we spent $60.00 on grocerys that will last us a week. I am tickled.
Mom will be moving here in about 40 days! Family dinners will be nice.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What have I learned today?
hmmm, that when you child says something over & over to you like..."Mama I want to have a lemon party". Do it. Even though it sounds completely odd & I had other things planned. What a wonderful completely special Lemon Party it is lemon season y'no & we had just picked a bunch of them.
Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!
Of coarse I can't forget Thanksgiving! What a wonderful time to reflect on all that we should more often.
I guess we are about 5 weeks out for the big HoHoHo!
It kinda bugs me that Thanksgiving just gets skipped. I mean I know why because...well, money. Stores just want your money & there is no better way to do that than remind you that you NEED to remember Christmas shopping. Promoting Thanksgiving is really done by the grocers I guess. Because well, we are suppose to eat turkey & dressing right?
Isn't it odd that Christmas has become all about obsene shopping & gift giving. How did that happen? Wasn't it about a baby that was born & some people just brought some baby gifts?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am trying out differnt blog styles. This is just a huge market apparently there are a ton of differnt ways you can dress these things up.

My Money Saver Tip:

Look for when whole chickens or whole turkeys go on sale at the grocery.
Under $1 a pound is good. We spent about $9.30 on a whole turkey.
This fed 2 adults & 2 children for 2 weeks...sandwiches the first week & soup the second week.

~Roast it in the oven or smoker. (do not discard juices in the bottom of pan, save in ziploc)

~Then cut up meat for sandwiches or sides on plate.

~After most of the slicer meat is gone...put the whole thing in a large pot to boil down.

all the bones and meat will seperate. Discard the bones & put the meat back with the broth.

~Put the broth in from when you roasted it.

~Add whatever fresh veggies you have onions, carrots, cabbage (just a little though can overwhelm easily) bell pepper, corn, rice, celery. super yum.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The nature hike was nice today. Time just flew by, we were there for 3 hours. Snacks of coarse are always a highlight and finding some cool sticks.

more pictures at the bottom, just scroll down.

Game Day!

Life is really good.
How can I complain really.....we (the kids & I) wake-up to my husband making home-made cinnamon rolls. Yes, from scratch. Then he brought me coffee as well when I was getting ready.
You know that saying don't sweat the small stuff, well....its all about the small stuff.

We finally have our refrigerator back's been out for lets see 2 weeks.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Great video today to watch.

So, glad its Friday...
Bama plays State tomorrow! Roll Tide Roll!

I've got a wonderful documentary type video here. Very interesting. It's related to building.
It's just 6 minutes.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

everything is ok!
Back to school, what a short week.
The boys sure enjoyed soccer season, they are really missing not going to any practices & games.

Here is Huff running on the field.
Huff loves a loud cheering section for him.

He is about to kick the ball!
Baxter kicking the ball on the field, he is an awesome defensive player.
Baxter running on the field, he is in the grey jersey.
I have a feeling we will be doing soccer season again. They loved playing on a soccer team.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, my 2nd load of laundry is almost complete (2 is about norm.) and we ALL just got a little nap. Can't believe how fast I went to sleep, I really don't think I realize how tired I am. I think most everyone is like that, we all just keep going and going because well....we have to & then crash. We all got to see our friends today which is important & nice for them to run & play. The pictures went well too. Now, I need to get the baby up feed him, practice reading with Baxter and do something to make sure Huff doesn't feel left out. OH, and plan dinner, straighen the house.
Happy Veterns Day.( Although I don't believe in War & fighting. )

My mom is still in the hospital, it is consuming my thoughts and I really pray she will be safe and healthy. It is pretty scary. She is doing cardiac enzyme tests, blood work, stress test. Lots going on there.

They just sold their house in Memphis and have been trying to move here for quite some time now. Finally they sold it! What wonderful news! They plan on being here by the end of the year maybe sometime in very early 2010.

Movie night went great! We watched Monsters vs Aliens....It was cute.

We have church pictures in a little bit. I hope that goes well & no big spills happen.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am in a fog right now, my mom just called me from the back of an ambulance.
She was feeling light headed, went to the wellness center at her work & they think she had a heart attack. I hope this will be a wake-up call for her to take care of her body. I hope, I hope, I hope....oh, wow, how scary.
Well, school has been cacelled again! I have to admit, it's been nice sleeping it.
Just a little rain & wind that is it.
We got out to go to the library and it changed it's hours today today because of Ida.

Tonite is a special's our Family Movie Night!
Each week, a different member of the family has a special evening.
1. They get to pick dinner
2.Dinner served on a special plate
3. They get to say the blessing
4. Choice of a movie (usually library)
5. We light a candle in honor of them
6. While watching the movie they get a special dessert or snack of their choice

Dinner might be lettuce wraps with chicken satay to mac'n cheese, pancakes & apples.
Huff has picked cheese tortilini, spinich & grapes....and chocolate mousse for dessert.
Sounds great to me!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Friedman Adventures

Today Hurricane Ida is in the Gulf of Mexico about 300 miles from land. The boys Baxter 6 & Huff 4 's school was cancelled today. They are currently in a shark tent that Nana gave them Christmas, 3 years ago. We have on Lighting McQueen/ Cars in the playroom (where I am). Life is great now.
The boys are the best of friends & are a joy for me to watch their interaction. I was an only, so I am learning SO much.
They sure can fight & I am learning when & when NOT to step-in right now.

The baby, Samuel, 6 months is snoozing away. He got up a little earlier today around 6 & is already back down. I am sure he would've eaten the whole banana I was feeding him this morning. He loves food...and is just a super smiley baby! This face he is making here is SO Samuel. "What are we doing now ?" "Where are we going now Mama?"

Sameul & Mama, during the day with "My Mom Couture" T-shirt & Hat (usually sporting large sunglasses too)

This is Samuel is a green cloth diaper cover. Another new adventure with our family. I have to admit....they are super easy. We use a brand called Thirsties. He is 6 mo. and have spent a total of $230.00, that should last us maybe til 12 months.