Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School! First Grade & Kindergarten.

We had to get a picture with their MP3 players on that they LOVE.
It was a great day for both. They are excited to go back tomorrow.
Something funny was said this morning around 6:15am (by the way we usually get up 7:30-8:30, it varies) Huff calmly looked over at Baxter while eating breakfast and in a matter of fact manner  said, "Baxter when I graduated you will need to clap for me". Baxter  said "Oh! sure Huff yes I will!, oh, wait I will be graduating too, sorry I can't be there". I reminded Baxter that he won't graduate in the first grade, next time will be in 12th grade". So,  they were so excited that they could be together for the graduation! I thought it was cute....and quickly reminded them that they haven't even completed the first day & were already talking about the last day! just enjoy it all....