Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Boys!

I love yall!
It's 2011 and Gigi is here- she spent the night with yall.
Nana and Papaw Buck came over - I called them RIGHT when you all got up.
We have been opening presents for 3 hours!  a little opposite of what you would have thought....that is because of the last post.
Wii- was their fav. present!
However, they all ran to the Sand Art and created. Samuel is snuggled up with Dada (your blanket) watching a Christmas Thomas movie.
Jeremy got me crazy industrial blender from a Baskin Robbins! it's insane!
Jeremy got a steamer for clothes - mainly b/c he has bad allergies esp. from dust mites.

I am about to do some cooking.......
then go over to Mom & Buck's for the special meal.

love to you all,