Monday, November 16, 2009

I am trying out differnt blog styles. This is just a huge market apparently there are a ton of differnt ways you can dress these things up.

My Money Saver Tip:

Look for when whole chickens or whole turkeys go on sale at the grocery.
Under $1 a pound is good. We spent about $9.30 on a whole turkey.
This fed 2 adults & 2 children for 2 weeks...sandwiches the first week & soup the second week.

~Roast it in the oven or smoker. (do not discard juices in the bottom of pan, save in ziploc)

~Then cut up meat for sandwiches or sides on plate.

~After most of the slicer meat is gone...put the whole thing in a large pot to boil down.

all the bones and meat will seperate. Discard the bones & put the meat back with the broth.

~Put the broth in from when you roasted it.

~Add whatever fresh veggies you have onions, carrots, cabbage (just a little though can overwhelm easily) bell pepper, corn, rice, celery. super yum.