Monday, November 9, 2009

The Friedman Adventures

Today Hurricane Ida is in the Gulf of Mexico about 300 miles from land. The boys Baxter 6 & Huff 4 's school was cancelled today. They are currently in a shark tent that Nana gave them Christmas, 3 years ago. We have on Lighting McQueen/ Cars in the playroom (where I am). Life is great now.
The boys are the best of friends & are a joy for me to watch their interaction. I was an only, so I am learning SO much.
They sure can fight & I am learning when & when NOT to step-in right now.

The baby, Samuel, 6 months is snoozing away. He got up a little earlier today around 6 & is already back down. I am sure he would've eaten the whole banana I was feeding him this morning. He loves food...and is just a super smiley baby! This face he is making here is SO Samuel. "What are we doing now ?" "Where are we going now Mama?"

Sameul & Mama, during the day with "My Mom Couture" T-shirt & Hat (usually sporting large sunglasses too)

This is Samuel is a green cloth diaper cover. Another new adventure with our family. I have to admit....they are super easy. We use a brand called Thirsties. He is 6 mo. and have spent a total of $230.00, that should last us maybe til 12 months.

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  1. love you lots, hope your weather is not too bad! nana