Monday, June 27, 2011

Thoughts on bad behavior

Are there ever times from the past that make you stop & smile?
How about that make you....mad? mad, so that you may still be a little steamed about it today.

I remember something my 92 grandmother told me before passing away last year. I was laying in my bed talking to her on the phone and she got so in depth about her childhood. She had harbored feeling from her past - so much that she poured out with a cry right then and there. Wow, I thought....she had carried this large burden with her her whole life. Maybe she just didn't know how to forgive and to move forward? That was kinda sad to me.

There are things from the past that can effect everyone's daily a thought, memory, things we say...or maybe something that we don't take the effort to do.

I think the important thing is to teach our children not to do the same & teach them how to forgive.
If we set an example of negative behavior towards something or someone, guess what? they may model it too one day & might be .... directed to you.