Monday, March 14, 2011

Interesting facts on Japan

The Interesting Facts on Japan

Interesting Fact on Japan.

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I just had to pause from my usual blogs of fun family adventures.
As we leisurely cook dinner, eat, spend time with our children, do bed time, hangout with each other...then lay our heads on our comfy pillows & pull up our soft covers..... can't help but think how all those people in Japan were JUST doing this last week! Now....well, they are hugging strangers for comfort because they are terrified & are at Mother Nature's mercy. This (natural disaster) could really happen to any of us at any time.....we need to put things into perspective at times y'no.  Stop fussing over small things that don't matter, don't put off the things you want to do, try your best to just be kind to people, stop harboring negative feelings...negativity can be your personal destruction, stop comparing yourself to others as well....just love, try to have fun, be nice to others, help others, listen to people...really listen, learn`learn` learning!, and  as my dad told me...kasoyc (keep a smile on your choppers)