Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Papa, Is there really a CandyLand?"

So, we were driving to Pickwick Lake last Thursday and drive past this.
The boys imaginations went wild....and we didn't interfere.
So, on the way back to Fairhope on Tuesday we were planning out how to strap the marshmallows to the car. Maybe taking a little bite if it was too heavy to carry. Then they started thinking that this was the entrance to CandyLand. They were really into it and so were WE!
So we pulled over, without a plan on how NOT to spoil the turned out none of the CandyLand people were home ALSO being that there were sticker bushes, a small ditch & a fence....MAYBE this wasn't the way to get in. They got back into the car a little bummed.
THEN, as we drove off ~ we looked over the far far back trees & saw the tip top of the candy castle. WOW!