Sunday, December 6, 2009

I see Roses!

Bama has made it to the Rose Bowl! How exciting....
Mom & Buck just left town..they found a place to live it will be 4-5 miles from us. We are thrilled, its almost hard to believe at times. We haven't lived that close to family in 5 years. It will be make a HUGE impact on our lives & the kids.
Yesterday we cut our tree at a tree farm called The Fish River Tree Farm. What a neat place this is! I highly recommend going to a tree farm to anyone!! What a neat is an
experience: see Santa Claus, reindeer, ride the train, hot cocoa, oh! and find your special tree among the 20,000 trees and cut it! it is super cool.

Reasons why to get your tree at a tree farm:
1. Supports local business.
2.Prevents having to haul trees all around the country.
3. Don't have to support companies that make the fake trees w/ the horrible plastics.
4. Recycles into mulch after done.