Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Yes, spring is coming and I love that. I get so into cleaning & out with the old....well, really its more cleaning out the old to re-use again. Birthday boy has been couting down the days til he turns 5. He wants a painting / clay/ dance it!

On a totally differnt note, we are in Tuscaloosa right now visiting ill family....the boys great-grandmother is SO special! She is such a spitfire & so loving & sweet....hardly on any medications (that is b/c of her daughter being on top of the situation) she is just getting tired...her body is getting tired @ 93.

We have another family member in Memphis we will be making a trip up their to see her. She is 91 and her doctors have gotten her all messed up makes me sad. I have a glimmer of hope - that maybe someone will figure the situtaion out. I think the only thing that actually makes her happy is seeing her son's face when he visits.

Well, also my love goes to Sue Sue....she lost her mama. I love Murt she was a wonderful lady-- just hate that we couldn't make it to the funeral.

Jeremy is sick right now....about to get my witch doctor bag out of herbs. Its a joke. No witch doctor...but yes, am planning on healing with herbs.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let it snow.

here are some snow pictures...we drove about 30 minutes due North when the snow came our way. It did snow a very LITTLE in we did get some but not like the photos. We made snow angels, snow balls, snow ball fights, snowman & maybe some yellow snow too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Wednesday to everyone....
still getting some pictures out from not too long ago.
Here are some nice pictures of Grandaddy & Bebe as they stop and visit us for a Christmas dinner that was wonderful! and a nice time out to eat. The boys always love seeing them.

We are so excited b/c I think I can feel spring coming......high 60s and 70s here for this weekend & next week! T-ball season here we come!