Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Yes, spring is coming and I love that. I get so into cleaning & out with the old....well, really its more cleaning out the old to re-use again. Birthday boy has been couting down the days til he turns 5. He wants a painting / clay/ dance it!

On a totally differnt note, we are in Tuscaloosa right now visiting ill family....the boys great-grandmother is SO special! She is such a spitfire & so loving & sweet....hardly on any medications (that is b/c of her daughter being on top of the situation) she is just getting tired...her body is getting tired @ 93.

We have another family member in Memphis we will be making a trip up their to see her. She is 91 and her doctors have gotten her all messed up makes me sad. I have a glimmer of hope - that maybe someone will figure the situtaion out. I think the only thing that actually makes her happy is seeing her son's face when he visits.

Well, also my love goes to Sue Sue....she lost her mama. I love Murt she was a wonderful lady-- just hate that we couldn't make it to the funeral.

Jeremy is sick right now....about to get my witch doctor bag out of herbs. Its a joke. No witch doctor...but yes, am planning on healing with herbs.

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