Monday, December 26, 2011

Did Santa Come?

 Yes, Santa came bearing gifts! It was magical for the boys.
As any kid it would, games, books left in the den for ME!?
It's raining right now....sounds so peaceful, about 10:30pm on a Monday evening and my bedtime has come & gone. Just a re-run of every night, it seems to happen too much.
I love you boys dearly and know yall enjoyed this Christmas!
Some things to remember:
1. When you say smile to Huff (if you are going to take a pic.) he will give a dashing straight faced look. His smile is his normal everyday happy look. He doesn't force that smile up there when a camera gets in his face or when whatever. I appreciate it and could eat him up for being himself. Huff you are an amazing fella.
2. Samuel got a cap gun for Christmas. Right away he grabs & says "Shot" not  shoot "Shot, shot, shot" he loves this. He is crazy for trucks. Specifically asks for the backhoe and if I give him the front loader - I am corrected, "No, Mama this is front loader backhoe please." Wow! He is two! You love to try and makes us laugh and pretty much copy ANYTHING "the guys" (your brothers) do.
3. Baxter, you wanted a rainforest book for Christmas ( among other things) and Christmas morning RAN into the den and grabbed the rainforest book and began explaining to everyone about the page you had turned was the largest flower in the rainforest. You have such a connection with the rainforest and such a soft spot for animals, I hope you continue this.( that is of coarse if it makes you happy)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Boys!

I love yall!
It's 2011 and Gigi is here- she spent the night with yall.
Nana and Papaw Buck came over - I called them RIGHT when you all got up.
We have been opening presents for 3 hours!  a little opposite of what you would have thought....that is because of the last post.
Wii- was their fav. present!
However, they all ran to the Sand Art and created. Samuel is snuggled up with Dada (your blanket) watching a Christmas Thomas movie.
Jeremy got me crazy industrial blender from a Baskin Robbins! it's insane!
Jeremy got a steamer for clothes - mainly b/c he has bad allergies esp. from dust mites.

I am about to do some cooking.......
then go over to Mom & Buck's for the special meal.

love to you all,

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas be a consumer.

Wow, it absolutely baffles me how Christmas is so commercialized.
It is about to turn me into a scrooge.
How did it get this way?
It has slowly morphed into a holiday to buy and give.
Such wonderful and loving gestures from the heart and yet it turns into a hectic and panicked time.

It is hard for me to get further aways from all of this "stuff" because everyone thinks you need it, it will help you or make your life easier.

We live in a small house and I mean small. It's 1550 sf and there are 5 of us. Please don't feel sorry for us. I am elated with our home and could eat it up I love it so much. (just a little more closet space) However, all the stuff people give you over time adds up and next thing our small house is about to pop. There is a zen with having a small home. I thought we had it, but apparently we don't yet. We will have to learn to say "no" when giving things or faced with do we need a new one. Anything that comes into this house quickly becomes clutter. Not because I am a neat freak...just ask Jeremy! It's because there is NO place to put it all!

The clutter makes you feel like this lurking monster is hovering over you & you are needing to rid of it. It's more than- oh, that room is messy so clean it. It's more than that and that's why most people are living with so much stuff. What a wonderful present to leave for your family when you pass too. My mom recently told me she was cleaning things out & she said "Why do I have this" "If I passed Stephanie would be cursing me going through all this"
Our house had gotten so clutter it made me feel depressed and upset.

And yet....
here we go again, with our beautifully wrapped boxes under the tree waiting to be opened.

Something to think about and Happy Holidays, please find joy in the little things.