Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barnyard Hullabaloo

When kids put on plays it's soo cute, they either try super hard, they may cry, do something silly...but all in all they will be so proud of themselves for doing it! Huff, did great! Huff was in this play about Old McDonald's Farm & guess who was Old McDonald?  You guessed it! Huff...there were really 2- they were the Old McDonald brothers. We were proud of his lead role & he hammed it up.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thoughts on bad behavior

Are there ever times from the past that make you stop & smile?
How about that make you....mad? mad, so that you may still be a little steamed about it today.

I remember something my 92 grandmother told me before passing away last year. I was laying in my bed talking to her on the phone and she got so in depth about her childhood. She had harbored feeling from her past - so much that she poured out with a cry right then and there. Wow, I thought....she had carried this large burden with her her whole life. Maybe she just didn't know how to forgive and to move forward? That was kinda sad to me.

There are things from the past that can effect everyone's daily a thought, memory, things we say...or maybe something that we don't take the effort to do.

I think the important thing is to teach our children not to do the same & teach them how to forgive.
If we set an example of negative behavior towards something or someone, guess what? they may model it too one day & might be .... directed to you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Friedman Book Adventures

During the school year the boys do a good bit of reading in their class, but in the summer we usually fall short. However we are doing free reading program. That is's free! It is reward based, it's created by Sylvan. As parents you can make up the reward or they even offer some as well on the web-site. You choose a book, take a quiz, earn points to get rewards. The boys are super excited about it. Samuel pretends he is reading his books too. 
Click here to start your adventure!  Book Adventure


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Samuel celebrates his second birthday!

Since I hadn't blogged in a while....some of these are a little dated. Samuel when you were 1 & 2 your favorite things were trains! You call them "choo-choos". You pretty much love anything that is big, loud, moves & has wheels. This was a special day. I am guessing you said choo-choo maybe 63 times? Your brothers had a great time too because they loved that it was your special day.

Samuel spots Thomas approaching! Let's go for a ride!

Notice the b-day Thomas tattoo that Samuel is sporting.

Samuel you picked out your shirt love this shirt!

And of coarse, you had to have a train cake!

What a special 2nd b-day! Now, let me lick those candles!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lemonade anyone?

Sooo, it's summertime & you know what that means... that's right lemonade stands! The boys made have made close to $20.00 total this sumer with their lemonade stands they set up (with help from mom & dad  of coarse) 

a customer arrives...and they boys are CRAZY about the cool car! They are taking care of the money & then about to pour. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sleep overs

Just the other night, all the boys piled into Samuels bed & wanted to do a sleep over in his bed....a spend the night if you will. I said sure thinking...hmmm, how long will this last. Well- it did last all 3 boys piled into Samuel's little twin bed. This is them after they got situated.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baseball and t-ball action

Huff is ready for a t-ball game!

Jeremy helped coach Huff's team...They look very focused.

Samuel says... "Watch out here I come"

Baxter's peanut game is about to start...their team placed first in their division before playoffs.

This is Baxter accepting his game ball- he got a homerun for the Dodgers that day while Grandaddy was in town AND on Jeremy's b-day!

He was SO excited!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Little more of - Huff's 6th B-day

Have been busy and wanted to get some more photos out of this event. Will try to keep up with the blog a little better. Get ready for more posts soon.

Huff was so excited to get a NEW guitar!

B-day at Kangarooz with his whole class!  Lucky little fella.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are we the "Canary Party"

"American children are over-vaccinated and over-medicated, over-fed, undernourished and have record levels of chronic illness and developmental delay. As well, there is a direct toll of injured adults, especially those who serve in the military, subjected to an increased burden of inadequately tested, compulsory and even experimental vaccine exposures administered over a backdrop of multiple toxic exposures from prescription and over-the-counter medications, foods made from genetically modified organisms and laden with pesticides and preservatives, and tens of thousands of industrial compounds that did not exist a century ago. In simplest terms, the medical industrial complex has launched a massive and uncontrolled experiment on a generation of Americans."