Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grandmother has passed on.

She was a wonderful lady.
She crochet, quilted, LOVED ALL the kids soo much....would just spoil them with love, cooked some super yummy food, down home country girl, spunky & fiesty, great sense of humor, owned her own beauty salon for years, extremely caring, could play the piano, sing, play the guitar, she was just fun to be around.
I'll post some pictures later of her.
We will not be returning to Fairhope for a while, funeral is in 2 days....we will leave from Wetumpka & head to Tuscaloosa sometime today.

Austin is a blackbelt!

Austin, our 15 y.o. nephew completed a series of tests that lasted 3 hours last night....he also had to take a written test in Korean (he scored the highest in the class). He was awarded his black belt by the end of the evening. He did great & there were 25 of us cheering him on!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Uncle Courtney!

This is Uncle Courtney! what a great can tell there is a lot of love. Huff even has on his shirt that Uncle Courtney gave him. vrroom vrroom.
Should have taken a photo when we visited him at the Harley Davidson dealership in Pelham...he is a whiz with motorcycles. But I guess this one in front of the Porche will do.

Spending a little time with G-mama.

These pictures were taken 6 weeks ago. She was doing much better then. She is a special lady & the boys just love her. 

In the morning we will be headed to Wetumpka, AL for Austin (15) who will be getting his black belt in karate. This is our nephew, he is the oldest & has been working hard at this for years.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

T-Ball time

Huff if first base throwing the ball to Baxter who is pitcher.

We will miss two t-ball games this week.
We are leaving town today headed to Tuscaloosa, Jeremy's grandmother probably won't make it til we are getting in tonight. She's a wonderful lady....and was friends with my Mema who recently passed. I still can't believe she passed. Those words ring through my mind often during the day, Mema's passed. Wow. Our time here is so short. Just live it up & have the most fun....try not to waste your time on negative things.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is Huff Touching a sting ray!
A big highlight at the Aquarium for the boys was this HUGE sea turtle. It was so beautiful to watch it glide thru the water.

Baxter was LOVING being at the Tennessee Aquarium. Also, check out this Leafy Sea Dragon...its related to a sea horse...this was a huge highlight for Jeremy.