Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Mardi Gras fun!

Get your bags ready!
Here comes the floats...scream, jump, wave your arms & smile!

Ok, now take a break...until the next one!
What floats? (KOER)
(Knights or Ecor Rouge)
It's fun being silly!
Oh, I see the floats now!
Throw it here!!! Nana, got some great beads!  So you may wonder what do we do with all the loot from Mardi Gras? Good question.... Keep looking at the pictures to find out.
Samuel, he decided to get front row for the parades this night!
Mom & Diane having a BALL at the OOMM. (Order of Mystic Magnolias)
You were wondering what the kids do.....
Well, Baxter set up a store in the front yard. He sold some things!

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