Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who knew Chattanooga was so cool!

We have just gotten back from a wonderful town by the name of Chattanooga,TN.
I am amazed at this town. The art, the creativity there, the vast use of recycled materials to create art, the many certified green buildings, the enormous health food store that is also a certified green struture, not to mention the TONS of fun things you can do with your family.
pictures & more comments to follow.
It blew us away....what a wonderful family vacation.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thinking on these things...

When you read these pick one or all that you may try to incorporate into your lives.

~~Mema loved her flowers, she always found time or a way to make sure she had some planted.

When you really like something, take the time to do it! It use to make her SO happy to just look at those flowers & then tend to them. Her petunias or asperagus ferns etc.

~~Mema loved to cook & she could. What I think was amazingly cool is that she could make the same dish over & over never wavered much on taste or apperances - resturant quality. It was consistant. That is HARD to do.

~~Mema always had a candy bowl. It may be extremely full of chocolate, gummies, fruit candy or cinnamon....or sometimes partially full. But that candy dish was always there my whole lifein her home. My dad looked forward to picking up a piece of chocolate, as I did too...well, I liked the gummies & then my boys LOVED the candy bowl! It was a Mema tradition.

1.With the flowers......well, it doesn't have to be flowers. Just do something you like & reflect on it. It can bring joy. A tomato plant, a bird feeder....nature brings peace.

2.I know everyone doesn't cook...personally if I think if everyone ACTUALLY KNEW how their food was raised and how it got to the table they would start re-thinking EVERYTHING.

At least she did her best at providing some good meals to her family....not doing the cop out & extremely unhealthy option g most Americans do for food....FAST FOOD or processed packaged foods (these are TERRIBLE!)

3. Now going from fast & bad foods to lets eat candy...does this make sense? To me it does.

Moderation, moderation, moderation! My boys would be so upset if couldn't ever have candy!

Now health food stores have healthier options & taste isn't sacrificed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts on Mema...

My mom shared a memory and I love it....
She said she remembers her saying "Well, that's food for thought" many times.
She even remembers a pin she wore with that saying on it.
One typically says that type of saying when they hear something new OR maybe she ALSO used it when she heard something she didn't like & she just didn't want to saying anything bad so she said, "Well, that's food for thought"...and was trying to be polite.

Could be like the saying you learn something new everyday..... and I could just see her pondering over a thought.
Whatever she said it for, it's a cute saying....but actually with deeper meaning.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mema's Monday tip

Music playing all the time in the background can be a good thing.

I remember going over to my grandma's when I was little & she loved her music playing all the time, in fact I remember napping in her bed with the music still playing. Now, we may not have the same taste in music. But I suggest to try this...Saturday I left music on in the kitchen all day! It just lifted my spirits if I started to have a hard time trying to do something. I love music playing in the house....I really do & I think of Mema when it plays all day.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A time to remember....

I will be blogging for a while about my Memaw. She passed away last Saturday. It has now been 1 week. I'll be putting up pictures, giving Memaw advice, Memaw stories...etc.
Today's Memaw advice:
When writing a note/list don't just use one side, use it again on the back, then again up the sides. Don't waste any part of the paper!
Now what a modern and "green" sounding comment that is. People think being green is trendy...funny huh? Just another word for conserving.